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I’m gonna start this in my basement. I’ve got lots o’ room there and I don’t give a crap if the floor gets filthy. I’m gonna put carpet down by the stairs so I can wipe my feet and keep my boots there. Woohoo, baby! So you want to start fish farming. So do I. […]

Fish farming

Yo! I’ve been checking out all this stuff on Youtube. Holy crap there’s a lot of stuff there. I don’t need to redo this for you. Check out what this guy has done. It’s amazing. And he breaks it down step by step. No way! From his house. So I wonder if this guy is […]

Mmm salmon

I love me some salmon. They look good and taste even better. Check out these beaut videos of these glorious beasts I know I’m not a bear and don’t catch my salmon this way but still. Its really impressive … Here’s another one. F*** I love this stuff


  Alrighty. Let’s just jump straight into this. I’m not a big fan of writing. If you’re wantin’ some great stuff to read, then you’ve come to the wrong place. This place is just for quick and easy stuff. If you want to read, get a book. I’m big into videos. They’re way faster to […]